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A foul odour from the bathroom or kitchen is an embarrassment for every house owner. It can be a huge turn-off for your guests. The odour is a resultant of clogged or blocked drains. It can be one of the reasons that lead to an unhealthy environment for both home and business. If left unchecked, it may disrupt daily lives as well.

What are the reasons that may cause a clogged drainage system?

  • The most common reasons for a blocked drainage system are debris and wastages. The wastage from kitchen, plastics, wrappers, papers, twigs, leaves pile up in one place and block the flow of water. This leads to blocked toilets, water overflowing from toilet and septic tanks, water leakage from kitchen taps and a clogged kitchen sink.
  • Broken pipes can be another reason for blocked drains. Broken pipes stop the flow of water and wastage from one place to another. Those wastages accumulate in one place and disrupt the regular flow of water.
  • Grease and oil cling on to the debris flowing through the pipes and restrict the flow of water as well. If unattended for a long time, it might cause damage to the property.

The measures that can be taken for a blocked drainage system:

  • Hand clean: You can apply this simple process at your home to clean areas like the sink, basin or shower. Put on a pair of gloves and remove the piles of hair, foreign objects, plastics or pieces of kitchen wastage stuck in the holes. If you can do this regularly, then it may save you from future hassles.
  • Plungers: This is a very economical method to clean the drains where your hands can’t reach.
  • Drain snaking: This method is used in a commercial or residential drainage system.

Apart from these methods, you can use Hydro jetting, wet and dry vacuum, vinegar, and caustic soda to clean the drains. Across Islington, many companies provide professional cleaning services for the drains. You can consider R.C.S LTD if you are facing any such issues. We provide professional plumbing services for both commercial and residential drainage issues. Get in touch with us for more details.