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Common reasons behind blocked drains (and their solutions)

Blocked drain or sewage is a universal problem and no house in the world can be immune to it. However, there are some ways how you can prevent such problems. These are just general preventive measures that can save you from bigger unhygienic future problems.

To combat the concern of blocked drains in Islington, Dyno RCS Ltd is a name to reckon with.

1) Dirt/food waste

Dirt and food waste are the two things which are commonly found in the kitchen sinks. These can build up to cause major blockage issues in the sewage.

Solution: Throw away food wastes after the meals in the dustbin before you take the dishes to the sink for a wash. This might be a small practice, but can prevent major problems.

2) Hair

Since most people suffer from even the slightest form of hair loss, this problem is inevitable in case no precautionary measures are taken. The drains under the shower or in the bath are generally prone to clogging due to hair. But the worst part is, they are very gross to clean after a few days of clogging.

Solution: Putting away hair fall issue is difficult. However, the prevention is cleaning the drainage filter after each head wash so that the accumulation does not happen. Regular cleaning can prevent future measures like emergency draining in Islington.

3)  Soap

You may believe that since soaps dissolve in water,it does not cause clogging. But the real reason behind this is soaps are made up of grease and fat. These particles combine with the minerals in the water and form a hard residue along the drainage system. This might then cause clogging over a period of time.

Solution: Since blocking of drains from soap happens over a period of time, it becomes a little difficult to ascertain the problem at first. Hence, hiring an expert help for CCTV drain survey in Islington can help ascertain the possible reason behind the problem. You can then have it pressure cleaned.

Getting rid of blocked drains in Islington is probably easy if you follow some general tips to avoid it. These general little tactics can help you save loads on the expense that you might incur to get a professional drain cleaning service. For all things uncontrollable, Dyno RCS Ltd isjust a phone call away.